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Restoration and Repair of Stained Glass Windows - Stained glass may need to be repaired or restored due to weather, breakage, or excessive moving.
Historic Renovation: Saving History - First Congregational Church, Chattanooga, TN
Custom Stained Glass for Churches - Our artistry and ecclesiastical talent can add luminance and aesthetic beauty to any church window.
Crafting a stained glass window: Built like pieces of a prismatic puzzle
Our stained glass windows can range in size from cabinet windows to life size subjects in large open spaces. Visit Our Gallery!
Stained Glass Windows is located in Hixson, Tennessee - just outside of Chattanooga. However, since our services are all custom designed, our process does not HAVE to originate or even end in Tennessee. See our Ordering Process!
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"Saving History" - First Congregational Church

Restoration » Historic Renovation » Ecclesiastical
Stained Glass Artist Bob Zakas is commissoned to replace the stained glass in First Congregational Church
In 2001, with only a handful of members left, the First Congregational Church in downtown Chattanooga, held its last service. Established on July 9, 1867, construction on the present building began in 1902.

The stained glass windows were installed in the 1920ís and after over 80 years have bore the full brunt of nature's seasons. By 2007, every stained glass panel had distorted from their original shape and had missing and broken individual pieces of glass.

In early 2006, developer Ken Crisp purchased the property, and with financial help from the Lyndhurst Foundation, RiverCity Company, and Cornerstones, commissioned stained glass artist Bob Zakas to totally restore all the stained glass in the church.

Restoration on the stained glass windows was begun in Aug. of 2007. The sixty-seven stained glass windows, containing over 5,000 individual pieces of glass were removed from the old church and transferred to our Hixson, Tennessee Studio. Each panel was separated from its frame and disassembled. Each piece of glass was hand cleaned before the panels could be reassembled. Missing panels were replicated to original specifications. The frames were also in need of extreme restoration.

Reinstallation of the stained glass took place in May of 2008. Today, although the building's interior is still being renovated, the stained glass windows gleam as brilliantly as they did almost a century ago.

The church located at the corner of M.L. King Boulevard and Lindsay Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee is now under way to apply for a National Historic Register designation.  Browse Renovation Photos »»

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Renovation of First Congregational Church
Stained Glass Window Restoration

First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church
Chattanooga, TN

First Congregational Church
A completed and restored panel at the
First Congregational Church in downtown Chattanooga.
First Congregational Church
Alayna Kyle works on a stained glass window from the
First Congregational Church on M.L. King Boulevard.

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