Stained Glass Windows specializes in the custom fabrication and renovation of stained glass and leaded windows across the United States - located in Chattanooga, TN Stained Glass Windows provides custom, innovative and quality hand-made craftsmanship for residential, businesses or churches.
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Restoration and Repair of Stained Glass Windows - Stained glass may need to be repaired or restored due to weather, breakage, or excessive moving.
Historic Renovation: Saving History - First Congregational Church, Chattanooga, TN
Custom Stained Glass for Churches - Our artistry and ecclesiastical talent can add luminance and aesthetic beauty to any church window.
Crafting a stained glass window: Built like pieces of a prismatic puzzle
Our stained glass windows can range in size from cabinet windows to life size subjects in large open spaces. Visit Our Gallery!
Stained Glass Windows is located in Hixson, Tennessee - just outside of Chattanooga. However, since our services are all custom designed, our process does not HAVE to originate or even end in Tennessee. See our Ordering Process!
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Patterned like a Prismatic Puzzle

Bob Zakas works on stained glass windows The art of crafting a stained glass window involves using small pieces of colored glass that are arranged to form patterns much like the prismatic pieces of a puzzle.

The process begins with a small thumbnail sketch that is gradually expanded to the desired dimensions of the completed design. Looking much like a dress pattern, the areas of the finalized design are then numbered or color-coded.
Using a wheel-head cutting tool, the large squares of colored glass are then cut to shape. The scored area is then tapped, creating a ‘run’ that allows the glass to break cleanly along the desired outline.

Once the piece is separated, a grinder is then used to smooth the edges. Using horseshoe nails, the small glass piece is then placed in its corresponding spot within the pattern and tapped along its edge to secure it in place.

To give the stained glass window structural support, the artist uses long, pliable pieces of lead alloy. The metal is cut using spring-loaded pliers and then curved around the shapes of the glass pieces. Once the pieces have all been secured and placed in their color-coded areas of the pattern, the joints are then soldered.

To add rigidity and waterproofing of the final stained glass, putty is then applied to both sides.

Stained Glass Windows builds more than
just stained glass windows....we build complete works of art...for residential, businesses and churches.

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